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We are happy to see you here – on our website about dogs! We hope that it will really help you in choosing, purchasing, naming, raising, caring, and feeding your four-legged buddy!

Dogs are so much more than just pets. They protect our homes, save lives, provide emotional support and give us their unconditional love. But we must not forget that we are responsible for a dog’s well-being. We need to provide them with proper care, proper nutrition, healthcare and proper training. That’s why we are here: to tell you more about dogs and how to keep your fluffy buddies healthy and happy. The information you’ll find on this website was created by dog breeders, veterinary experts, and experienced owners. Our goal is to provide you with reliable information in a convenient format and in simple terms and make it useful, whether you are an experienced dog owner or only plan to get a fluffy friend. 

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Dog Breed Library

Cane Corso
French Bulldog
Australian Shepherd
German Shepherd
Shih Tzu
Pomeranian Spitz
Border Collie
Bernese Mountain Dog
Great Dane
Tibetan Mastiff
Golden Retriever
Chow Chow

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Dog calculators

Want to know how much your dog weighs? Or what they would have weighed at different points in their life, if you had been able track them with a scale?! Well now’s the time because we’ve got both measurements and calculations for every stage. Just enter either of those values into our calculator!

Basic calculators

  • Dog age calculator
  • Dog weight calculator
  • Dog size calculator
  • Dog groomer tip calculator

Pregnancy calculators

  • Dog heat cycle calculator
  • Dog pregnancy calculator
  • Dog due date calculator

Food calculators

  • Dog food calculator by breed
  • Dog chocolate toxicity calculator
  • Dog raisin toxicity calculator
  • Raw dog food calculator
  • Dog food portion calculator
  • Dog calorie calculator

Dog charts

Would you like to learn more about dogs? These charts are perfect for any dog lover!

Basic charts

  • Dog age chart
  • Dog size chart
  • Dog weight chart
  • Dog growth chart
  • Dog tail position chart
  • Small dog breeds chart
  • Dog sleeping positions chart
  • Dog body language chart

Health charts

  • Dog heat cycle chart
  • Dog dental chart
  • Dog ear wax color chart
  • Dog gum color chart
  • Dog tongue color chart
  • Dog poop color chart
  • Dog urine color chart

Medicine charts

  • Dog aspirin dosage chart
  • Dog Benadryl dosage chart
  • Dog Ibuprofen dosage chart

Food charts

  • Dog safe food chart
  • Dog feeding chart

How do we rate dog products?

With the arrival of a new pet, new owners have a lot to worry about. Not only do you need to look after good quality food but make sure your pooch has all the essentials such as bowls, carriers, cots, mats and much more. You want to get the best for your pet, but still stay on a budget.

When reviewing products intended for dogs, we go by a few factors we deem the most important. They are such factors as:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Functionality

If you prefer to make deliberate and cost-effective choices, you should check out our product ratings. We look for and review the products that combine best quality and value. Our ratings are based on the practicality and popularity of the products, seller reliability, and honest customer feedback.

About us

Dr. Elisa Foster

I am a veterinarian and animal behaviorist who loves nothing better than taking care of dogs, resolving their issues, and practicing the art of bonding with them. I want to share this passion with others, and so I share my experience and advice with others in order to help them learn more about dogs and create an environment where people can understand what it’s like for these animals we take care of every day.

Dr. Robert Edward Matus

I’ve been studying and practicing veterinary medicine for many years now and have seen a lot in my time when it comes to the health of animals like dogs and cats! From infectious diseases to cancer treatment, I can be relied on to answer any questions that you might have about your pet’s health.